Compounded drugs

16 April 2013, by GLOOR S. & DEPLAZES C. & MÖLL F. & PANIZZON R.G.


Although they have been the subject of much criticism in recent years, compounded drugs have seen a resurgence and their usage has become established. The majority of dermatologists in France support the use of compounded drugs, as was demonstrated in a survey [1]. In Switzerland, compounded dermatology medications count for 30% of compounded drugs and they are used only in second place to oral preparations. They are first if the different range of pharmaceutical forms is taken into account [4-7]. In Germany, 40% of prescriptions issued in dermatology call for a compounded drug, and this trend is increasing [8, 9]. Compounded drugs have also been officially accepted in the United Kingdom [10] and the United States [11].

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